About the Artist

Art and Nature

"I have always enjoyed nature and the outdoors.  My art is a visual re-creation of an experience or scene I have encountered in nature.


I find inspiration in nature, especially birds and waterfowls.  The vast colors of the many bird species makes creating a painting an exciting challenge for me.


I feel each of my paintings is a study in which I try to re-create the various plumages, feather textures, and shapes of birds.  I cannot imagine ever exhausting subjects to  paint given the number of species of birds in the world.


I strive for details in a few brush strokes and to capture a certain light or particular element in each painting.  I enjoy the creative energy that art provides  to me.  I find art very relaxing and a welcome escape from my daily contact with technology.   I am experimenting with new mediums such as oil and pastels and hope to have new works in these mediums completed within the year."


      -Tim Larson

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